What Matters Most

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06 February, 2017
Left Behind

Assalamualaikum :) (aisyah does not care about grammar and punctuations)

First of all, welcome back to myself. Haven't been posting for what, two years? And now who knows it's already twenty freaking seventeen. Yeah, people, I pubertised. I last posted when it was 2015.

It's been a rough year 2016 is. With all the SPM things and lots to cater during the senior year.
I started laughing reading back all my past posts. What a nerd i must say. Hahaha. Back then I haven't learn anything about writing. It was all for fun and stuffs. Popped in my head, start writing, don't care. Never going to forget the time I first learnt about blogging. How I know how to read HTMLs and things like that, how to edit the template on my own. Those are just my kind of jam.

Okay. Enough of the blabbering. I am just posting about my life as a fivers in a boarding school.

Living as a senior does excites most of us. Believe me, it was heaven. I mean, you can just do it!!!

1. What is it you always wanted to do on your first year, just do it man! Cutting queues, not going to prep, not wearing sandals outside hostels (going to the surau and around the school during weekends and yes slippers are not allowed)

Students might think it's the thrill that matters most. Guess what? You're freaking right, dawg!

But, what we might mistook is that, yes, you can do WHATEVER that pleases yourself (or your lust) but don't ever forget that society hates rude and incompetent people.

Pack your days with politeness and respect plus pleasant feature to ride along.

Of course you heard people say,

"Kalau pandai takpa gak. Ni dahlah bangang, kurang ajaq pulak tu."
Yes, yes and yes. Tak kisah nak langgaq peraturan, akademik mau power jugak.
What to do man? It's humans' nature to apply comparisonship,

2. I'm pretty sure your last year's classmate are the ones to remember most. I miss my 5 Titanium so much. I will always remember the ones who are annoying, nerd, silencer, fishy and funny-as-hell type of friends.

Yes. And we won the Best Class of the Week y'all! Once. *pfff

And that's one thing I'll never forget.

It's been the same person three years straight. Imagine how our bond has becoming stronger and better. And I still remember that the first year as classmates, which is 3 Delta, we girls really hate the boys who sat behind the class. Those are Muhsin, Aiman and Azri. We really hate their behaviour in class because of what we call 'mulut puaka'. Ugh, such a pest. Sometimes we nicknamed them as 'Tiga Line'

We will always quarrel, and quarrel and quarrel. Almost every week!

But that's what interests me most. Thinking of those memories kept me strong each day.

Now here we are as classmates again for the third year. When time goes by, we didnt realize that we actually cared for each other.

3. I really missed studying. Whether with friends, alone or with teachers. As we are doing it, of course we hated it so much. Books and writings and memorizing and enhancing skills bla bla bla. All for academic importance.

But now, I really missed those feelings. As if it hasnt bore me out yet.

Well, books really sharpen our mind though. So dont ever hate it! The more you read, the more sharp your thinking skills become. It's the reading that kept our brain working and it helps us to keep out the alzheimer syndrome. Ahah!

4. Teachers who will always be there, No matter how much hatred you put towards the most annoying teacher you have ever seen, why not you love them as a human being? Think positive. They scolded you for reasons you might never think of. Yes, they do love us.

Some of the teachers might means the most to you, I believe it's because of the relationship you built with particular teacher you adore.

As for me, I will always remember Teacher Wanira. my Most-Diva-Like-English-Teacher. hahaha.

5. Marching team is my soul. I will never forget our hardships we've been through to achieve the first place every year for the state competition. It's been my life since my first year when I won marching for the house cup. Since that, I gained courage to try out for the school team. And so I made it! With no glitch at all. The audition went smooth as cream. Oh only God knows i how fierce the captain was, kak Farah Aina. People say to not cari pasai with the kawad team, and so
I obliged to the terms and conditions seniors had been reminding me of.

It was tough to be on the team. The trainings, the weather which seldoms took our side, skin burnt out pretty much tanned, the penalties I had to face (star jump or 10 rounds running around the dataran, or ketuk ketampi 30)

2014 : we made it in the state competition, but I didn't get the opportunity to compete for kebangsaan because of the PT3
2015: the most fun we had as most of the team are Form 4. but sadly someone passed during the performance so we did not made in negeri.
2016: the saddest kawad history for me. all the fivers are not in the team since they forfeited due to SPM and the ones left is just a few of us. we had to audition juniors to complete the team. but yes we gained our pride back as we lost in 2015. no kebangsaan (shit)

Kawad is my soul, man. I just have to say it.

6. Kind of an achievement for Delphinus. We rose to the third place after 3 years of lost. And second place during sports day. Our PKR Qurrat received an award for The Most Dedicated Vice Captain 2017.

Yes. I'm proud!

Heard that this year Delphinus won the cross country. Congratulations wuhuuu!!!!

Yeah and that's  my kind of senior year. Pretty much enjoyed my school years which had taught me a lot of useful things about people and myself. Thanks to my school years, I became what I am today.