What Matters Most

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15 March, 2015
Half A Year

Assalamualaikum :)

Agaknya dah tau kot aku nak tulis apa. Agak klise di situ. Since now I haven't been using laptop for almost most of the time, so I haven't been writing anywhere including in this blog,

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Frankly speaking, I really miss the world of blogging. Yeah, it taught me a lot. Wow. Can't believe I written this much. *smirk*

Throughout last year, many things had happened to me. Including PT3. I would glad to tell everything about PT3. But hey, as usual, when I got here, I would be running out of idea. Pfft.

I'm kinda a reserved girl, you see. So I would just have ideas or opinions lingering around my head but not spoken out. When I go through some kind of circumstances, I have loads of thing to say but that's just not me.

The point here is I could have Let It Go, everything here. Yeah yeah. Syok sendiri. But hey. Who knows one day . . . I would be useful.  ;)

Anyway, I went jogging with my father this evening and it was fun. Tomorrow is another trip. Okay that's all for now.

Later on it will much more interesting.

p/s: Happy Mid-Sem Hols :)