What Matters Most

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06 July, 2014
It's a Metaphor

Assalamualaikum :)

'You put the that does the killing right between you teeth, but you never give it the power to kill you. A metaphor'
-Augustus Waters

Familiar? If you do, you won't be bored reading this.

The first time I knew about this book was through weheartit.com which many people did posted about the Okay? Okay. thing. Then I came across the book 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green.
I never really did interested in these. Not at all. Like AT ALL -.- Get it? Daaa

Then, when Maryam posted in Instagram the book she bought. I was like, Yeah it Could a nice story if not everybody wouldn't be talking about like frequently repeating the okay thing. I watched the trailer and god did I fell in love either with Gus or Hazel. Both are just too beautiful.

😍😍😍true love

When I went back to school, I need some reading man. Like really bored doing homeworks all the time. Damn, I was a nerd. She gave me the book.

To my surprise, I finished in just less than a day. Yeah, a freaking English book in short period. A miracle. Man, miracle.

I cried. Not lying. The second time I felt in my heart crying in front of a book! With my whole heart feeling the pain.

Nearly most of the pages giving the readers an absolute conclusion that Hazel Grace gonna die. And she didn't. That triggered my tears bud. (Such thing? o.O)

It made me wanna punch Maryam in her stomach when she said she watched it in London. Arghh! 17th July in Malaysia. Wait, don't wait, wait don't wait. Just wait, it's not gonna run. -.-

🚬It's a metaphor