What Matters Most

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23 November, 2012
The End of 2012

There's a lot going on between me and 2012. :)
I love this year. Friends are awesome and holidays are great. Walaupun cuti hujung tahun ni duduk kat rumah ja. :D I just love going o school and hanging out with my terrific friends. We cry and laugh together. But hey, you know what? I don't really believe in true friends or best friends anyway. Sorry to say, but I only ave my friends and I want to appreciate them as much as possible. Thaks you guys. I know you're not reading this but I wish you knew that you guys are also important in my life.
      I really believe in this statement --> "kawan ketawa senang dicari kawan menangis sukar sekali".I happened to me eh. A lot! That's why I don't believe in such BFF or whatever. I'm just thankful to have friends that can make me laugh because I don't like being sad. This statement --> "Perempuan yang banyak ketawa adalah perempuan yang banyak menangis dalam diam" <-- That sounded like me! I laugh a lot but when it came to the sadness in my life, I'll be crying alone especially when I'm in bed before I go to sleep. I just can't cry in front of people because I can' get the FEEL. :) 
      Well, here's some memory of my life in school during this year ;)

My Dorm Sweet Dorm ~ Delphinus 4


Raya with my friends :) ~ Sweet hampa!

Form 1 camping ~ Pulau Pinang

My Class Sweet Class ~ 1 Gamma ;)