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06 February, 2017
Left Behind

Assalamualaikum :) (aisyah does not care about grammar and punctuations)

First of all, welcome back to myself. Haven't been posting for what, two years? And now who knows it's already twenty freaking seventeen. Yeah, people, I pubertised. I last posted when it was 2015.

It's been a rough year 2016 is. With all the SPM things and lots to cater during the senior year.
I started laughing reading back all my past posts. What a nerd i must say. Hahaha. Back then I haven't learn anything about writing. It was all for fun and stuffs. Popped in my head, start writing, don't care. Never going to forget the time I first learnt about blogging. How I know how to read HTMLs and things like that, how to edit the template on my own. Those are just my kind of jam.

Okay. Enough of the blabbering. I am just posting about my life as a fivers in a boarding school.

Living as a senior does excites most of us. Believe me, it was heaven. I mean, you can just do it!!!

1. What is it you always wanted to do on your first year, just do it man! Cutting queues, not going to prep, not wearing sandals outside hostels (going to the surau and around the school during weekends and yes slippers are not allowed)

Students might think it's the thrill that matters most. Guess what? You're freaking right, dawg!

But, what we might mistook is that, yes, you can do WHATEVER that pleases yourself (or your lust) but don't ever forget that society hates rude and incompetent people.

Pack your days with politeness and respect plus pleasant feature to ride along.

Of course you heard people say,

"Kalau pandai takpa gak. Ni dahlah bangang, kurang ajaq pulak tu."
Yes, yes and yes. Tak kisah nak langgaq peraturan, akademik mau power jugak.
What to do man? It's humans' nature to apply comparisonship,

2. I'm pretty sure your last year's classmate are the ones to remember most. I miss my 5 Titanium so much. I will always remember the ones who are annoying, nerd, silencer, fishy and funny-as-hell type of friends.

Yes. And we won the Best Class of the Week y'all! Once. *pfff

And that's one thing I'll never forget.

It's been the same person three years straight. Imagine how our bond has becoming stronger and better. And I still remember that the first year as classmates, which is 3 Delta, we girls really hate the boys who sat behind the class. Those are Muhsin, Aiman and Azri. We really hate their behaviour in class because of what we call 'mulut puaka'. Ugh, such a pest. Sometimes we nicknamed them as 'Tiga Line'

We will always quarrel, and quarrel and quarrel. Almost every week!

But that's what interests me most. Thinking of those memories kept me strong each day.

Now here we are as classmates again for the third year. When time goes by, we didnt realize that we actually cared for each other.

3. I really missed studying. Whether with friends, alone or with teachers. As we are doing it, of course we hated it so much. Books and writings and memorizing and enhancing skills bla bla bla. All for academic importance.

But now, I really missed those feelings. As if it hasnt bore me out yet.

Well, books really sharpen our mind though. So dont ever hate it! The more you read, the more sharp your thinking skills become. It's the reading that kept our brain working and it helps us to keep out the alzheimer syndrome. Ahah!

4. Teachers who will always be there, No matter how much hatred you put towards the most annoying teacher you have ever seen, why not you love them as a human being? Think positive. They scolded you for reasons you might never think of. Yes, they do love us.

Some of the teachers might means the most to you, I believe it's because of the relationship you built with particular teacher you adore.

As for me, I will always remember Teacher Wanira. my Most-Diva-Like-English-Teacher. hahaha.

5. Marching team is my soul. I will never forget our hardships we've been through to achieve the first place every year for the state competition. It's been my life since my first year when I won marching for the house cup. Since that, I gained courage to try out for the school team. And so I made it! With no glitch at all. The audition went smooth as cream. Oh only God knows i how fierce the captain was, kak Farah Aina. People say to not cari pasai with the kawad team, and so
I obliged to the terms and conditions seniors had been reminding me of.

It was tough to be on the team. The trainings, the weather which seldoms took our side, skin burnt out pretty much tanned, the penalties I had to face (star jump or 10 rounds running around the dataran, or ketuk ketampi 30)

2014 : we made it in the state competition, but I didn't get the opportunity to compete for kebangsaan because of the PT3
2015: the most fun we had as most of the team are Form 4. but sadly someone passed during the performance so we did not made in negeri.
2016: the saddest kawad history for me. all the fivers are not in the team since they forfeited due to SPM and the ones left is just a few of us. we had to audition juniors to complete the team. but yes we gained our pride back as we lost in 2015. no kebangsaan (shit)

Kawad is my soul, man. I just have to say it.

6. Kind of an achievement for Delphinus. We rose to the third place after 3 years of lost. And second place during sports day. Our PKR Qurrat received an award for The Most Dedicated Vice Captain 2017.

Yes. I'm proud!

Heard that this year Delphinus won the cross country. Congratulations wuhuuu!!!!

Yeah and that's  my kind of senior year. Pretty much enjoyed my school years which had taught me a lot of useful things about people and myself. Thanks to my school years, I became what I am today.

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15 March, 2015
Half A Year

Assalamualaikum :)

Agaknya dah tau kot aku nak tulis apa. Agak klise di situ. Since now I haven't been using laptop for almost most of the time, so I haven't been writing anywhere including in this blog,

DIY: pon un flamenco en tu vida | nailappeal

Frankly speaking, I really miss the world of blogging. Yeah, it taught me a lot. Wow. Can't believe I written this much. *smirk*

Throughout last year, many things had happened to me. Including PT3. I would glad to tell everything about PT3. But hey, as usual, when I got here, I would be running out of idea. Pfft.

I'm kinda a reserved girl, you see. So I would just have ideas or opinions lingering around my head but not spoken out. When I go through some kind of circumstances, I have loads of thing to say but that's just not me.

The point here is I could have Let It Go, everything here. Yeah yeah. Syok sendiri. But hey. Who knows one day . . . I would be useful.  ;)

Anyway, I went jogging with my father this evening and it was fun. Tomorrow is another trip. Okay that's all for now.

Later on it will much more interesting.

p/s: Happy Mid-Sem Hols :)

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06 July, 2014
It's a Metaphor

Assalamualaikum :)

'You put the that does the killing right between you teeth, but you never give it the power to kill you. A metaphor'
-Augustus Waters

Familiar? If you do, you won't be bored reading this.

The first time I knew about this book was through weheartit.com which many people did posted about the Okay? Okay. thing. Then I came across the book 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green.
I never really did interested in these. Not at all. Like AT ALL -.- Get it? Daaa

Then, when Maryam posted in Instagram the book she bought. I was like, Yeah it Could a nice story if not everybody wouldn't be talking about like frequently repeating the okay thing. I watched the trailer and god did I fell in love either with Gus or Hazel. Both are just too beautiful.

😍😍😍true love

When I went back to school, I need some reading man. Like really bored doing homeworks all the time. Damn, I was a nerd. She gave me the book.

To my surprise, I finished in just less than a day. Yeah, a freaking English book in short period. A miracle. Man, miracle.

I cried. Not lying. The second time I felt in my heart crying in front of a book! With my whole heart feeling the pain.

Nearly most of the pages giving the readers an absolute conclusion that Hazel Grace gonna die. And she didn't. That triggered my tears bud. (Such thing? o.O)

It made me wanna punch Maryam in her stomach when she said she watched it in London. Arghh! 17th July in Malaysia. Wait, don't wait, wait don't wait. Just wait, it's not gonna run. -.-

🚬It's a metaphor

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05 July, 2014

Assalamualaikum :)

Tajuk nama Alia Maryam ni nak cerita sikit pasai dia la ni.

Sebenaqnya *gelak sat*

Dia baru masuk Tamilneru sebab apa? Sebab dia satu dorm ngan Yannadey and dia kuat makan macam kami semua buat jahat sekali.

Dia ni sangat sangat sangatlah happy go lucky.

Favourite word BIADAP XD

Suka tidoq dalam kelas



Suka mereka perkataan pelik-pelik -.-

Banyak berjalan baru ni dia p paris

Very 'mummy like' (bagi aku la) sebab dia ala-ala mak aku

Manjang kena paku ngan dua orang budak ngokngek depan dia (obviously laki)

Kinda layan football like me

Taste lagu lebih kurang sama

Suka mengata aku pendek -.- padahai sikit ja pun beza

Panggil aku 'chaaaa' dengan intonasi tertentu atau teh sbb cha dlm chinese ialah teh.

Pandai catwalk

Bongsu macam aku *sep sikit*

Aku baru gaduh ngan dia sebab conteng tangan dia kata dia makan sayoq which dia memang tak suka langsung.

Apa-apa pun, love ya bebeh. ;)

Dahlaaa malaih nak tulih, #ngantuk

Np Human Christina Perri

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Mari Kita Cuci Segala Duka dan Lara

Assalamualaikum :)

Setelah lebih kurang setahun setengah blog ini tergendala, tiba-tiba di pagi Ramadan ke-8 ini terkutik di hati nak menulis semula. Bukan apa, rasa macam MALAIH GILAAAA nak taip, nak compose dan sebagainya. Almaklumlah, kan kitew nak PityTwi kaann? (PT3) Urghhh..

Sebenaqnya, takdak tajuk spesific puns kali ni. Ya lah, we were in 2014 since 6 months ago.

_mimimi | via Tumblr

Pergh. Macam-macam doh. Macam-macam gila yang jadi. Firstly, nak highlight pasai sejarah form 2 di mana zaman kenakalan kesetanan berleluasa. Nak cakap teruk sangat takdakla teruk pun, tapi kalau nak kira tu tak terkiralah banyaknya pelanggaran peraturan sekolah. Bukan takat bawak fon jaa, al macam al lagilah!!

1. Ponteng kelaih - Had ni memang rasa macam bongok gak arr.. Takdak sebab munasabah pun tak dok dalam kelaih. Jawapan dia BALOX. Balox tu equals tu super malaih. Ha todiaaa.
Yang paling-paling ingat masa kawalan kehormat.
Balik-balik stadium sepatutnya dan sewajibnya terus ke kelas.
Well, you know dalam kepala itu batu tarok. (peribahasa tu)
Kami berempat D, A, N, 'merehatkan' diri di surau. Astaghfirrulahalazim.
TIDOQ sampai orang mai solat Zuhur.
Bukan nak bertakafur ka solat dhuha ka. XD

2. Ponteng prep - Alah, ni biasa. Pada aku, yang rasa lawaknya, usaha takmau kena tangkap tu yang mahai. Pernah sekali,
Prep petang jumaat and ada kelas mengaji, menyorok bawah katil hujung dorm.
BKP bukak pintu tak nampak bakhiangg. Syukur. Masa tu laa.

3. Ponteng riadah - Tahun lepaih boleh kira berapa kali turun riadah.
Yang paling ingat time tu,
Menyorok belakang locker tengah so bukak pintu depan tak nampak.
Sanggup ooo, berabuk ka tak semut ka dak.
Bawak bear2 dan alarm clock (ish ish ish)
Adala tidoq dalam setengah jam.
Padahai aras satu ja puns  -.-
Tak pun sentiasa melawat bilik sakit walaupun tak sakit.

4. Sodorm - Setiap kali Kak Didi takdak jaa sentiasa pasang selimut sangkut kat kateii, solat. Pergh.
Cuti tu boleh kata TAK PERNAH p surau ah. Awai-awai tahun ada la sikit.
(Ha amik hang. Aku bongkaq abeh sumah)

Yang syoknya, jarang kantoii.

Benda-benda bongok yang kita buat ni kadang-kadang priceless. Especially ada kawan yang sekepala. Sebaik-baik sorang ni pun ada jugak nakal dia. 'Bad girls have more fun'

Namun, tahun ini diri ini muhasabah diri, ambik iktibar. Tahun ni, dah berazam nak berubah dan telah lakukan yang terbaik. Jarang sangat dah ponteng segala benda, jarang dah sodorm. Alhamdulillah. Tapi, ada insan yang sentiasa tak berpuas hati. (Time tahun nak baik ni buat jahat tu sikit jaa, teruih kena cop)

Pfffftt betoi la 'insan-insan' ni. Jangan macam hampa semua tu maksum sangat la, tu la pentingnya jangan bagi contoh tak baik before hampa semua diberi kuasa untuk memperbaiki junior yang dianggap sentiasa melanggar peraturan.
You never show us the good side of you then you're talking shit in front of us, F you la.

Okay okay. Sabaq nah sabaq. Benda dah lepaih. Depa tak memerintah dah. :))

Hashtag PrayForLegacyinEverythingWeDo

it's good

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10 December, 2013
Saat Ku Dikafankan...

Assalamualaikum :)

Selamat makan malam. Dah makan? Hari ni rasanya agak interesting untuk disharekan. Macam feeling je tajuk kan? Macam comel je, macam cantik je -_-

Sebenarnya, satu minggu sebelum balik cuti, Legacy terlibat dengan satu kem yang dinamakan Kem Aroma Jiwa. Aceyh, romantik gituw. Spritual 4E Training

Pada petang Sabtu, terdapat satu slot di mana kami didedahkan kepada pengurusan jenazah. Banyaklah yang diceritakan oleh Abang Sufi. Fari first step sampailah pengebumian jenazah. 

Pertama-tamanya praktikal memandikan jenazah. Memang mandikan betul-betullah, Zaid yang jadi modelnya. Ish, aku rasa macam nak hempuk jaa kepala Zaid masa tu. Cubala duduk diam sikit masa hang nak mandi. Huisshh. Okay hahaha dah masuk tajuk lain okay diam.

Bila nak kafankan pun Abang Sufi tunjukkan praktikal. Ketua batch kesayangan kamilah yang jadi modelnya. Masa tu memang tumpukan sepenuh perhatian. 

Abang Sufi kata, benda-benda macam kita kena ambil tahu sebab kalau tiba masanya kita akan tahu menguruskan jenazah sesiapa terutamanya yang disayangi. Sayanglah, kalau tak tahu tak dapat nak rasa keberkatannya. Subhanallah.

Apabila tiba waktu praktikal mengkafankan jenazah bagi pihak perempuan, saya dengan yakinnya menawarkna diri untuk menjadi model. 'Bakal' jenazah ini hanya tunggu dan lihat sahaja kain, baju dan tudung untuk jenazah disediakan oleh orang lain. Selain itu, aku ada jugak tabuq air bunga mawar sebab wangi lah katakan. Merapusss.

Kemudian, tibalah 'jenazah' untuk dikafankan. Yang tak syoknya tersilap letak wangi-wangian dengan kapas kat tempat 'jenazah' nak baring. Habis baju eden kena, dahlah baju rumah. Takpa, demi mempelajari -.-'

Dalam proses

Ikat bahagian atas ><

Actually, pada saat ini, saya mengaku, berdebar-debar, takut, sebak pun ada. Namun orang-orang disekeliling tetap ceria. :')


Malam itu, salah seorang faci telah memanggil saya *rasa cam popular lak* untuk memberikan sedikit pendapat tentang bendakafan-kafan ni. Wakil budak laki, Pak Lang. Okay, takdak kena mengena dengan dia pun. :P

Apakah perasaan anda jika anda betul-betul berada di tempat jenazah tersebut sewaktu dikafankan?

Saya rasa . . . 
Gembira. Kerana walaupun saya tidak lagi bernyawa dan sudah pun menjadi mayat, namun orang di sekeliling dan orang yang tersayang masih memelihara jenazah saya. Kain kafan diukur dengan teliti agar jenazah selesa, diletakkan wangi-wangian, diikat dengan kemas. *suarakusedikitsebak*

Pada masa yang sama, saya masih berasa sedih dan takut. Sedih kerana terpaksa pergi meninggalkan orang-orang yang disayangi. Takut kerana masih cukupkah amalan soleh saya sebagai bekalan di akhirat nanti untuk bertemu dengan Allah SWT.

Jika anda masih ada peluang, apakah yang akan anda lakukan?

Saya akan memohon maaf terutamanya kedua ibu-bapa saya, ampunkan salah silap saya serta memohon kemaafan dan bertaubat kepada Allah SWT.


Begitulah perasaan menjadi seorang jenazah.
Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, aku bersyukur padamu kerana telah kau kurniakan kehidupan yang bagiku cukup istimewa, Ya Allah. Aku bersyukur padamu kerana masih diberi peluang kepadaku untuk terus menjadi hambamu di dunia ini. Ampunilah dosa-dosaku, dosa kedua ibu bapaku. Kami syukuri rahmatMu Ya Allah.



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30 May, 2013
The Tamilneru Family

Assalamualaikum :)

Ya Allah! Kian lama tidakku mengepost dalam blog yang kini berhabuk.

Cheq sedang bercuti! Dengaq dak CUTI? Haih, silaulah mata ni dok mengadap komputer ja sepanjang masa. Buat pa? PErabih homework lah sayang oii. Mangkit pagi, komputer. Mangkit malam, komputer. Mangkit komputer ja pagi. Ish,ish,ish.

Okay,okay. Back to the topic.
Sebenaqnya macam ni, Nurul Syazana bt Sulaiman ni telah mempunyai habit menamakan rakan-rakannya dengan nama-nama yang UNIK ya. Kalau nak senang, mai tengok family tree ni :)

(Syazana) The Boss : Nannabee-yek
(Aisyah) Boyyen Patenggey Deska
(Aida) Naidoo Porenggey Version
(Adriana) Yannadey Teylor Purrendei Deska
(Damia) Tambee Porenggey Deska
(Aliah) Yaya Bee
(Farisya) Pacat Potenggey Voorendek Deska
(Nuha) Toti Bee

Sejarah Silam The first person yang diciptanya nama India ialah Aida. Nanna Bee bagi kat dia nama 'Adia Naidu'. Nama ni sangat jarang digunakan tahun lepas. Kita berpusat pada tahun ini menyatakan Damia diberi nama 'Tamia Tembam Tamboon'. Tamia itu sebab Syameil yang bagi nama. Tembam tu sebab pipi Damia sangat tembam dan Tamboon tak tau pasai apa. o.O Kemudian, comes to Yana. Dok panggil dia Yana, Yana. Pom! Jadilah Yannadey. Sepertimana Indians dok cakap atau apa yang kami dok dengaq depa cakap. And then tahun ni makin menjadi-jadi nama-nama India ni. Cheq ni diberi nama Boyyeen sebab Umi cheq panggil cheq Boyen. Nanna Bee pon create dia punya version jadilah 'Boyyeen'

Nama yang panjang-panjang tu dicampur-campur dari Jepun. Tu yang jadi 'Deska' tetibe pulak. Hai la, Nannabee. What have you done?!
Haha! Benda-benda merepek macam ni sangat bermakna buat kami semua. So sad, cannot post the video Yannadey made for us. :( Never mind. Tata!!!

p/s: Just a short one. GTG!

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09 February, 2013
Gong xi, Gong Xi + The Prank

Assalamualaikum :)

If you notice, the title explains it all. Weee ~ Xinnian Kuaile. Obviously to Chinese >< Have a prosperous day! Tahun ular munnya She nian... Hehe.

Semalam merantau di Jusco, kedai cina tutup habis. Semangat! Well, budak asrama balik dah. Lepas dua minggu. Hari tu balik pasal Maulud dengan Thaipusam. Kali ni CNY pulak. Nak dapat cuti sampai hari Rabu pun kena mintak, apatah lagi cuti seminggu. Mentang-mentang tak dak Chinese c(:
Tapi, I don't really mind pun tak cuti seminggu. Sama ja. :) Okay, okay. Hmm, nak tulis pasal apa ni? 

What happened during the two weeks at school?
OMG! Macam mana boleh lupa? Punya excited nak tulis dalam blog, mai sini lupa habis. My birthday prank. 

Cerita dia macam ni:
Pada malam yang hening lagi tenang, cheq telah dipinta untuk naik ke aras tiga, Delphinus-Orion. Tak syak apa-apa pun. Muka blur ja. Tengok-tengok kena jumpa Kak Te'ah. Haih, ketaq noh. Dah lah muka Kak Te'ah serius nak mampoih! Kami ke tempat yang lebih private then she started to talk. Memang isu hot gila lah. (not necessary)

--> SKIP <-- Menangis-nangis, teriak, riau smua dicampur adukkan.  Mau tak riau, kena torture pasal benda yang kita tak buat. Yang tak leh tahan satu ayat dia 'Hang ingat aku cakap dengan tiang ka?!' Pergh, tak tau pasai pa. Torture dengan senior memang powerlah! Dah sampai tahap depa cakap hang, aku. Kak Amal, Kak Fifah, Aida, semua pakat dok paku  cheq. Huwaa T_T

Muka ku ditutup setutup-tutupnya. Lama gila keadaan ini berlaku, nak dekat setengah jam la jugak. Panas gila hati ni, rasa macam nak tumbuk ja muka sorang-sorang cakap 'Hampa ni pasai pa?!' Tengah dok nangis tu, Kak Te'ah tanya 'Aisyah, sekarang pukoi berapa tak tau?' Kita dah mai aura pelik dah 'Awat dengan dia ni?' (dalam hati ><) 

Aku dikerumun, dipeluk semua adalah. Masa tu lagi la berambu ayaq mata. Depa tanya, memang tak sangka ka benda ni prank? Memang tak expect la sebab dok ingat birthday hari Rabu, prank tu hari Isnin. Pheww, lakonan yang amat hebat. Thanks hampa :*

Kalau tak Pikah, Nana, Yana dan my close friends nak prank simbah ayaq sabun. Tapi tak jadi. Alhamdulillah! ;) Syamim bagi Cadbury. Thank you!

Serious jadi gila lakonan hampa! Award bagi kat Kak Te'ah. *kasi trophy sama dia* Dah lah tak rapat dengan dia, kena torture lagi, memang real lah. Kena tuang dengan bedak cukup! Habis beruban. Wakaka! Balik dorm kena wish lagi. Locker penuh dengan wishes dan sweets. Wah, romanticnya.

Anyway, thanks you guys! Tunggulah, nanti kena balik!
Last words: My first birthday prank and it's fantastic!

p/s: Dapat kad dari special somebody *angkat2kening*